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"That's what she said!"
of the haiku lexicon:

Chi Hua Hua

Canine companion
Happy to meet me Harry
Intelligent imp
Having a drink on the porch
Usual pocket

Arf! one time for "Yes!"...Arf; Arr?
Human, carry me hither
Use your resources, feed me
After that, pick up my poop

Monday, February 4, 2008

Eupholome: Nameless Stranger (a gunsaku)

Eupholome: Nameless Stranger (a gunsaku)
Stray dog barks at road
Not just any vagabond
Children run to look

Patches on tatters
Holes through dusty shoes and hat
Walletless pockets

At the edge of town
Lawmen watching his approach
Might just have some fun

Did you hope to pass
Without giving up some gold
This here's a toll road

Empty palms up shrug
Silent universal sign
Mute baffled and broke

Show us some I D
Any kind of credential
Utility bill

A scrap of paper
Turned to lace at the creases
Kept under his hat

Like a stinking fish
The two deputies watch him
One grins other frowns

Hey wait a minute
Don't I know you from somewhere
Famous for something

Crowd gathered like clouds
Spatters of recognition
Fall on hunched shoulders

Whispered names thunder
Shower of accusations
Lightning in his eyes

Rogue preacher wizard
Winds of change at his command
Simply vanishes

A gasp from the mob
Read the paper that he left
"Will haiku for food"

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Mandelbrot Set Video - Fractals From the Future Save the World, (and look good doing it!)

I don't flock much, as bird of my feather are vanishingly rare.  But this video taught me that just because something vanishes from my observation, that does not mean that it has been banished from existence.  Mandelbrot demonstrates that there are orders of discernment beyond my range of perception, but actively, entirely real. I kinda dig the tune that they rock. Like Wierd Al meets mensa.

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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

meta-haiku on the internet part #3

November 27, 2006 - Monday

3:25 AM - Swatted On The Nose With The Rolled Up Newspaper Of Truth -Part 3: . Meta-Haiku ( in contusion)
Category: Blogging

I was so worried
My Meta-Haiku
Was not good enough

To Je Meverick:
Who said,"This is senryu."
You are mostly right

I forgot content
Is important to haiku
I apologize

To my dear readers:
Meta-Haiku is senryu.
Haiku treats nature.

To Je Meverick:
Who said,"This is senryu."
You are mostly right

Meta-Haiku is
Senryu about poetry
Or other art works.
senryu about
the writer, or the writing
Is Meta-Haiku

A few days ago I learned an important lesson in humility. If you pioneer a new territory, make sure you tell enough people about it, so that when it becomes popular, future generations of explorers will hold you in high esteem, remembering your name.

Senryu is a particular type of poem that has the traditional form of three lines and seventeen syllables found in haiku. What I didn't understand until Je Maverick pointed it out, is senryu addresses human structures in the same way that traditional, formal haiku only presents natural scenes, usually with a reference to a season.

Meta-Haiku is a particular type of senryu that is written in response to another poem, or work of art. To write a haiku about human nature is senryu: to write a haiku about the nature of a haiku or senryu is Meta-Haiku . I have written so many senryu without knowing that I wasn't writing haiku, that I have to admit to being a little bit embarrassed.

I have come to terms with this negative emotional reaction. I concede that the poems that I write about people and their activities in the physical world is senryu. Senryu is named after the poet that pioneered and popularized this art form. I see Individuals In MySpace who write short poems, and name them after themselves as a way of distinguishing their style, (Glaiku (by Glines), Jaiku (by Justin) , Scifaiku(by any sci-fi fan), Daiku(by horror writers and warriors) , Haikum(by writers of erotica)), from the "normal haiku". Most are senryu based on a certain subject or group or genre of subjects. I have also seen styles of poetry here in MySpace that are so unusual that they deserve their own new name, haiku junior(3-5-3), and Fibonacci verse (1-1-2-3-5-8-13-21...) are my favorites after Meta-Haiku.

Because I believe that the art of comment in haiku form deserves its own genre title and since I am humble enough to believe I wasn't the first to do this, I won't even try to call this sub-genre of senryu "Evolu".

In fact Meta-Haiku was coined by South of Strange in reference to a senryu I wrote about writing haiku. I have also written numerous comments in the 5-7-5 form that have nothing to do with anything but the blog, (not nature, nor the author, but the blog post itself) as a form of literary criticism. Another use of Meta-Haiku is to describe various poetry groups in invitations and bulletins.

I will continue to write haiku about nature, senryu about people, and Meta-Haiku about haiku, senyru and other writings. I have expanded the definition of Meta-Haiku to include any poem , long or short about any form or piece of art, literary or otherwise. Meta-Haiku is any haiku-like expression enspired by an artistic effort.

In my archive, I moved all senryu to the "Life" category and removed the parenthetical notation identifying them as haiku. In future postings of senryu, only a subject phrase and category "Life" will distinguish senryu(about life among people), from haiku, which will be posted in the category "Pets and Animals" (about life in nature). Other styles of poetry will be found in Writing and Poetry, except Meta-Haiku most of which will be stored under "Blogging".

Other haijin accept senryu/haiku comments to their haiku/senryu. Some reply to these comments in kind. In its highest form, Meta-Haiku is a poem (haiku/senryu) that suggests itself or poetry in general as a subject for discussion among poets (senryu/haiku artists, "haijin" in Japanese).Every comment would be in a similar form, and the author of the original poem would reply to each comment accepted with another short poem. In this way several conversations can be held at once between the writer and any number of readers, for as long as the answer is in 5-7-5.

If you love haiku
You will comment in haiku/
Senryu to this

One Meta-Haiku
Can lead to 50 or more
Related verses

Reinvent the wheel
To build a better mouse trap
Poet know thyself

Show them poetry
In three lines, five seven five
They will think "haiku"

Elegant answer to my
Honest oppinion

PS. I also love to draw and paint
Thanks , Poem Williams!
The first Million Haiku Smile
Said, "You can Do it!"

meta-haiku on the internet part #2

November 27, 2006 - Monday

1:23 AM - Swatted On The Nose With The Rolled Up Newspaper Of Truth -Part 2: .Senryu
Current mood: Disillusioned- out of state of illusion
Category: Disillusioned- out of state of illusion Blogging

The story so far:
Je maverick scared Doc E
With this comment; quote

" This is senryu
Remember it is content
That makes a haiku"

Doc thinks he's in deep trouble!
"Abandon MySpace!"

I think better on paper.

Working mental equations is less stressful with nobody potentially looking over my shoulder. A non-electronic network of intuition, reason, a number two pencil, and a blank sheet of paper.
I use a personal shorthand that looks like a blend of greek, the calculus, and snot-nosed-punk. My basic approach is Occum's Razor: the simplest solution is likely to be the best course of action.

The following are my best(simplest) translation of the notes written after logging off of my personal confuser.
Je Maverick-Friend, not insane, *Warning?* on Meta-Haiku post comment ...
This is senryu...Person ? Style other than haiku? Is there a threat to/from established authors? Identify possible danger levels to self /MySpace archive/Meta-Haiku.

Formalize/describe M-H for post/publication.
Google/research senryu... Is all true haiku Only in Japanese language/translated from Japanese?

Haiku versus Senryu versus Meta-Haiku

Log into Google, sample "senryu" -Done! Wow!

Log onto MySpace. Post best results in blog!- >Done /buried in archive

Thank Je Maverick for the heads up/ koan (enlightenment inducing puzzle/riddle)! - Done! LOL!

Clarify to readers just what the double-hockey-sticks is going on.- Continuing with this post and following comment replies!
A (not haiku but) senryu for Je Maverick, and all of my good MySpace friends:
Only a True Friend
Cares enough to say, "You have
Snot in your mustache!"
Dear Readers, don't miss the final episode of "Swatted..." where will be posted the fullfilment of the promises made here in part 2. Links to authoratative sites, archives and profiles! Special thanks and acknowledgments! And a suprise announcement!...Watch for my bulletins and stay tuned to this blog!!! ~NAMASTE~~~J.E.~~~

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